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Unique Specially made for TraJa - stained glass purple ribbon ANGEL.  All hand crafted and shipped to you. 

$30 and proceeds go to TraJa to help pay for TraJa ribbon stickers for awareness during October for Wisconsin police cars.  Help us make each police car in Wisconsin support our victims THIS OCTOBER!!!!

Heather Severson

Founder of TraJa & TraJa's Heart

changing domestic violence laws one state at a time

To educate communities, school-aged children, and law enforcement on the affects of domestic violence in our society.

1 in 4 women are affected in their lifetime

Children hear



October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month - TraJa is offering these custom made stickers to display on ANYTHING, most popular and recommended is your vehicle windows.  They are approx. 6 inches tall by 4 inches wide.  Order yours today for $5.  Great way to support victims and TraJa.  Proceeds are used towards more awareness materials like these.  Shipping is included!

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Every minute, 20 people are victims of intimate partner violence

TraJa's Mission

4 Domestic homicides everyday in US

TraJa and TraJa's Heart are committed to their cause and the difference they make. Be a part of that difference and support them today. You can help victims find their safe place, children fulfill their dreams, and support new resources.

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Every nine seconds a women is beaten in the United States. TraJa has committed themselves to educating our society on the seriousness affects of Domestic Violence.

Changing one child's life at a time.  Children are great imitators; give them something to imitate. 

April 9, 2012 Gov Scott Walker - Wisconsin Signed The TraJa Act Into Law


The TraJa Act, written by Founder Heather Severson, now institutes the third domestic violence conviction as a felony in Wisconsin. This is the first felony law in the state of Wisconsin of its kind.

Lisa Judd Blanchard

Founder of TraJa & TraJa's Heart

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