TraJa & TraJa's Heart

Semi pro football from around the US have gotten involved with raising awareness for domestic violence by hosting a domestic violence awareness game during their season.  During these games they read statistics about domestic violence, TraJa designs a special game flyer, has a half time balloon release and moment of silence for victims and survivors in their community.  To host a sporting event and have TraJa involved please contact us today.  We have had over 38 teams from over 12 different states host TraJa Domestic Violence Awareness games.  Lets book yours in 2016.

TraJa's fundraisers held every year to raise money for victim services

Family events such as this Pride Of America Campground event each summer helps raise funds for TraJa by their yearly POA Open.  Each campsite turns their site into a mini golf hole.  All proceeds and donations benefit TraJa. 

Upcoming Events/Fundraisers

We encourage all communities to get involved in showing support for victims and survivors by displaying a purple ribbon to show support.  Not only during the month of October but all year. 

TraJa participates in walks and marathons to help raise awareness


TraJa hosts a Facebook page candlelight vigil on December 3rd every year to not only remember Tracy, Deja, Amber and Neveah but all victims of domestic violence.  To join in this memorable experience from around the world request us on Facebook today!

TraJa has also become a great part of the Golfing community by sponsoring holes and being key note speakers at their events to help raise awareness. 

TraJa speaks about Domestic Violence at many venues including Department of Correction and other agencies.  If you would like TraJa to speak at your next event, or host a speaking event for TraJa please contact us.

TraJa participated in a local Warrior Princess Mud Run each year to help support Harbor House Domestic Abuse Services in Appleton, WI

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and events during this month have become popular with raising awareness with family events such as a bowling benefit with a portion of the proceeds received by TraJa.  To host a October event in your community contact TraJa 

TraJa participates and are the recipients of many fundraising events throughout the year.  One local artist Paint U Something has held a monthly painting "girls night out" event where women come and paint a masterpiece and enjoy women company over a glass of wine.  It truly is a work of art. 

When tragedy strikes a community TraJa comes to help support victims families and answer questions in the community and works with their local shelters to help get involved.

First TraJa Event - Madison, WI

January 14, 2010

Continue to watch for upcoming events

TraJa & TraJa's Heart first motorcycle ride event was held in the summer of 2015.  It was a great fundraising event where the motorcycle community came together to show their support and help raise awareness with purple ribbon stickers on their motorcycles.  To become part of this great event or to host your own ride in honor of Domestic Violence victims and survivors and to give back to TraJa contact us today and we will begin to plan an amazing community event.

TraJa has received great support from Law Enforcement from not only around the state of Wisconsin but from around the US.  TraJa supplies Law Enforcement agencies with Purple TraJa stickers or magnets to display on their squad cars during the month of October to help raise awareness and to show their support to victims and survivors in their communities.  If you would like your agency to display these ribbons on their squads this October please contact TraJa.

TraJa participates at Polar Plunges to help raise awareness

If you would like to have fundraiser for TraJa or for us to attend your event, participate in your event, or sponsor your event, or help plan an event.  We would be happy to please contact us

TraJa can help YOU turn any event into a domestic violence awareness event.  If you are interested in hosting an event or have an idea, please contact us and let's begin working on the details.